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You were the happiest person on this earth on the occasion of your marriage. You were thankful to your parents for choosing the best life-partner for you. You were feeling butterflies in your stomach while taking your arranged marriage vows in the presence of your parents and all your friends, relative’s neighbors, colleagues and known and unknown ones who have attended your wedding ceremony to shower their blessings upon you and your better half. The excitement of your honeymoon combined with the nervousness about your future relationship with your in-laws was truly a once in a lifetime experience for you. With all the excitement and expectations, you embarked the journey of your arranged marriage with full commitment and dedication towards your better half. You put in all your efforts to fulfill all your post-marriage responsibility to win the trust and love of your better half and your laws. Everything was looking like a perfectly scripted screenplay wherein you were playing your role like an ace actor until those rare moments of mutual disagreement gradually started to turn into frequent hot arguments with your better half which sometimes forced you to not talk with each other sometimes for the entire day, other times, for the many days and the worst- for weeks.

The feeling of love and close bonding between you two started to diminish suddenly and those romantic moments that you used to enjoy were you reduced to zero. Then came a time when both of you started to ignore each other on most occasions and suddenly, on one day, you realized that your parents and in-laws have taken up the responsibility to fix those common husband-wife problems which you both were supposed to solve on your own. You suddenly realized that the things are now completely out of your control and you need to take immediate action to prevent the worst result of your marriage – the divorce. You are already trying your best to save those husband life problems and now you have decided to know the future of your married life to come up with some concrete and effective solutions which could save your marriage and bring that ‘spark’ in your married life back. Well! You are at the right place now and of course, you have done an excellent job to sort those husband-wife problems of your life.   

Now the only thing that you need to do is contact Pandit Govind Ram Ji – The most famous astrologer of India who is also internationally acclaimed for his highly-effective Hindu/Vedic Astrology based husband wife problem solutions which include your Janam Patrika/BirthChart creation for the accurate predictions of your marriage life in addition to your marriage and love compatibility report besides the  several personal tips and advice from Pandit Ji and his various Kundli Dosh Nivaran Remedies (including Pooja, Mantras, Yagya, Ratna Dharan, Daan-Dakshina etc.) which can solve all those common husband-wide problems that have put your happy married life at stake. Remember: Trust is the need of the hour in this troubled phase of your arranged marriage. You need to trust Pandit Ji to solve your marriage related problems and follow his instructions sincerely for the most effective and permanent solution of your married life. To discuss your marriage life problems with Pandit Ji, feel free to contact him on his mobile: +91 7425058421, +91 9636036043 or submit your query and details through the Quick Contact form given on the right-hand side of this website.