Family Problems Solutions by Pandit Govind Ram Ji 

Home is not a place where you just sit, relax, or eat or sleep – it’s a feeling of an absolute peace of mind. It’s a feeling of confidence in each other and a sense of safety, security, and satisfaction in the company of your near and dear ones. Nobody can’t deny the importance of a happy home and family in the life. Because we live there, we learn there, and we grow there under the guidance of our elders and love of our younger ones.

The astrology plays an important role in the peace and happiness of a family or home. It’s the movement and position of star, planets, and moon in different houses of your birth chart which determines your personal happiness and peace and your relationship with your family. When all planetary movements are in your favor, you enjoy the feeling of happiness, satisfaction, peace and love with your family members. But when the movement and position of the star, moon, and planets are unfavorable, you face a lot of struggles, frustration and problems not only on a personal level but also with other members of your family. The adverse planetary movements in various houses of your birth chart cause a range of family problems which sometimes looks never-ending and impossible to solve.

When a family is under the adverse effect of astrology, if faces a repeated series of conflicts among various members of the family who often get disagree to each other over minor things and these disagreements often end-up into repeated hot arguments, verbal and physical fights and even legal battles in the worst case. Here are some common examples of family problems caused by the unfavorable effect of astrology.


  • Husband and Wife Not Happy With Each Other’s Nature & Habits
  • Children Not Listening to Parents Advice and Doing Things Against their Wish
  • Women Having Problem With their Husbands and In-Laws
  • Men Finding It Hard to Adjust With Wives and Fulfill their Wishes and Demands
  • Brothers & Sisters Always Disagree on Very Small Things & Keep Fighting
  • The In-Laws & Distant Relatives Interfering in Personal Matter of Family
  • Disagreement among Family Members put them on Non-Talking Mode



The disturbed peace of family caused by the adverse position and movements of planets in unfavorable houses of your birth-chart sometimes leads to very ugly, unfortunate, shameful and notorious consequences which not only bring a lot of disrepute to your name and family but also disturb your peace of mind and in worst case – break your soul into pieces. These infamous consequences include:  


  • Husband and Wife File Fraudulent Police Case Against Each Other
  • Husband and Wife File the Case of Divorce in Family Court
  • Ugly Physical Fights leading of Hospitalization of Family Member
  • The Disputes among Brothers, Sisters & In-Laws Lead to Police & Court Cases
  • The Children Decide to Leave their Family
  • Children Marry Against their Parents’ Wish
  • Parents Disown their Children


If are a victim of any of the aforementioned family problems then you don’t need worry from now onwards because Pandit Govind Ram Ji can help you in getting rid of all these unfortunate family problems through his in-depth knowledge and expertise in Hindu/Vedic Astrology based family-problems solutions which include your family-related horoscope predictions on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, compatibility match reports of different members of your family and solution of conflicts, disagreements and disputes by various Kundli Dosh Nivaran Remedies through Grah-Shanti  Yagya (Hawan), Pooja-Path, Daan, and Rata-Dharan (Gemstone Wearing) suggestions.  To discuss your family problems and their speedy and permanent solution, feel free to call Pandit Govind Ram Ji on his mobile number +91-9829189166 today or send your query through the simple Quick Contact form given on the right-hand side of this website.