Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Puja

Get Effective Remedies for Shrapit Dosh/Yog Nivaran in Kundli from Pt. Govind Ram Ji

The word ‘Shrapit’ means ‘Cursed’! When the planet Saturn (Shani) is positioned in conjunction with Rahu in any single house or the same house of your Birthchart/Kundli/Janam Patrika, a Shrapit Dosha/Yoga is formed. The bad karmas (evil deeds or actions) of your past life are the main reason behind the presence of Shrapit Yoga or Dosha in your Birthchart/Kundli/Janam Patrika. The worst thing about the Shrapit Dosha is that it nullifies the effects of all Good/Favorable Yogas of your Birthchart/Kundli/Janam Patrika. Hence, you aren’t able to get any good, positive or favorable result despite the presence of many Good/Favorable Yogas in your Birthchart/Kundli/Janam Patrika.

A person having a Shrapit Dosha or Yoga often faces following problems in his/her life.  

  • Least Result or No Success Despite Best Efforts
  • Increasing Debts or Poverty Despite Good Earning
  • Frequent Quarrel/Disputes Within Family Members
  • Problems & Delay in Love & Marriage
  • Chances of Divorce & Untimely Death of Spouse
  • Problems in Having Child After Marriage
  • Problems in Education, Jobs & Business

One of the Most Famous Astrologers of India – Pandit Govind Ram Ji can help you in reducing the ill-effects of the Shrapit Dosha/Yoga in your Kundli/Birth chart/Janam Patrika through his effective Shrapit Dosh Nivaran remedies, which includes the following.  

  • Shrapit Dosha/Yoga Nivaran Puja
  • Shrapit Dosha/Yoga Nivaran Mantras
  • Shrapit Dosha/Yoga Nivaran Hawan/Yagya
  • Daan-Dakshina for Shrapit Dosha/Yoga Nivaran
  • Gemstone (Ratna) Wearing for Shrapit Dosha Nivaran  

If you have Shrapit Yoga in the 5th House of your Kundli/Birthchart/Janam Patrika, feel to contact Pandit Govind Ram Ji today for effective Shrapit Yoga Remedies or Shrapit Dosha Nivaran Upay.