Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja

Get Effective Nadi Dosh Nivaran Remedies from Pandit Govind Ram Ji

As per the Vedic Astrology, the Nadi is one of the most crucial factors (Kootas) in the match-making process (Kundli Guna Milap) of a couple for the purpose of their marriage. The main reason behind the great importance of Nadi in the match-making is that it indicates the ‘Prakriti’ or ‘health compatibility’ of a person (which is basically his/her body constitution) and out of 36 match-making points or gunas, 8 belong to the Nadi, which is obviously – the ‘Maximum’, when compared to the number of points or gunas belonging to the other important factors of matchmaking for marriage.

For a blissful marital life, the couple proposed for marriage must have different Nadis.

(Just like this fact – The Like Poles Repel & Unlike Poles Attract)

If a couple with same Nadis get married, they are most likely to face a lot of hardships and challenges in their marital life with a high chance of having weaker children, due to the Nadi Dosh in their Janam Kundli or Birth chart.  Therefore, the marriage between a couple having same Nadis is a strict NO.

There are three different types of Nadis and so are the Nadi Doshas.

  • Adi / Adhya / Aadh Nadi (Start)
  • Madhya Nadi (Middle)
  • Antya Nadi (End)

If the Nadi Dosh is becoming a hindrance to your marriage with a partner of your choice, you are strongly recommended to get an effective Naadi Dosh Solution. If you are already married to a person having the Nadi Dosh and facing lots of troubles in your married life, it is the high time to look for a good Vedic Astrologer, who can provide you an effective Nadi Dosh Nivaran Remedy after marriage.  

India’s most famous Vedic Astrologer, Pandit Govind Ram Ji can help you eliminate the Nadi Dosh from your Kundli or Birthchart, through the following Vedic Astrology based Nadi Dosh Nivaran Remedies;

  • Nadi Dosh Nivaran Mantra
  • Nadi Dosh Nivaran Pooja in Hindi
  • Nadi Dosh Nivaran Hawan/Yagya
  • Nadi Dosh Nivaran Ratna (Gemstone)
  • Nadi Dosh Nivaran Daan-Dakshina

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