mangal dosha remedies

Get Effective Mangal/Manglik Dosh Remedies from India’s Best Astrologer – Pt. Govind Ram Ji

When the planet Mars (Mangal) is positioned in any of the First (1st), Second (2nd), Fourth (4th), Seventh (7th), Eighth (8th) or Twelfth (12th) house of person’s Kundli/Janam Patrika/Birth chart, he or she is considered to be a ‘Manglik’ – A person having the Mangal or Manglik Dosh. The impact of Mangal/Manglik Dosh is worst when the planet Mars is positioned in the Seventh (7th) or Eighth (8th) house of a person’s Kundli/Janam Patrika/Birth chart. The degree of severity of Mangal/Manglik dosh also varies with many other astrological factors. The Mangal/Manglik Dosh is also known as Bhom Dosh or Kuja Dosh and it is one of the most important astrological factors considered at the time of match-making (Kundli/Birth chart/Janam Patrika-Milaap) of the couple proposed to get married.

A ‘Manglik’ person is generally quite aggressive, impatient, intolerant, and dominant in nature. Due to the Mangal/Manglik Dosh in his/her Kundli/Janam Patrika/Birth chart, such person is most likely to face following problems and issues before and after his/her marriage.

  • Long Delay in the Marriage
  • Problems & Turmoil in Married Life
  • Frequent Quarrel/Fights With Spouse
  • Problems in Job or Loss in Business
  • Financial Crunch or Monetary Loss
  • High Chances of Separation or Divorce
  • High Chances of Disability, Severe Illness Or Even Death of the Non-Manglik Spouse  

Given the fact that the ill-effects of Mangal/Manglik Dosh affect the person both before and after his/her marriage, the elimination or reduction of Mangal/Manglik Dosh is strongly recommended.

India’s famous astrologer – Pandit Govind Ram Ji can help you in eliminating or reducing the ill-effects of Mangal or Manglik Dosh through following effective remedies for Mangal/Manglik Dosh Nivaran.

  • Mangal/Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja
  • Mangal Manglik Dosh Nivaran Mantras
  • Mangal/Manglik Dosh Nivaran Hawan/Yagya
  • Daan-Dakshina for Mangal/Manglik Dosh Nivaran
  • Gemstone (Ratna) Wearing for Mangal/Manglik Dosh Nivaran

If you are looking for effective Remedies for Mangal/Manglik Dosh Nivaran or Manglik Non-Manglik Marriage Solutions for yourself or your loved ones, feel free to call Pandit Govind Ram Ji today!